VET3D Skills Intelligence Database

VET3D Skills Intelligence Database is a platform supporting the empowerment of soft skills useful for employability, in the frame of a customized path lasting from the first to the last year of Vet training, to increase post-diploma placement results. The database integrates a wide set of learning tools and opportunities for soft skills empowerment (formal, non-formal education and work based programs), focused on the empowerment of digital, entrepreneurial and intercultural skills.

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Dear user/candidate, based on your self-assessment results and skills empowerment goals, we want to provide you with a wide set of opportunities and educational resources to support your skills empowerment path. Please select which skill you want to improve and the related expected skill exit level

Our resources

VET3D Set of educational resources for soft skills empowerment (digital, intercultural, entrepreneurial)

Showcases (Self-Empowerment Demos) for VET staff

Showcase/self-empowerment demo -Video tutorial 4 skills empowerment
Video interview where a carreer advisor explain and show to the Vet teachers and students the 6 steps in soft skills empowerment. video tutorial for soft skills empowerment in 6 steps with a career advisor presenting to a student experiencing the 6 steps: step 1 soft skills self assessment; step 2 selecting skills empowerment goals; step 3 defining a skills empowerment strategy; step 4 design an action plan for skills empowerment; step 5 skills empowerment actions; step 6 skills empowerment results evaluation and certification.

Video with case histories for VET students/VET staff

Soft skills in secondary Gastronomy School in Czech Republic
Video interview with testimonials – testimonials speaking about case histories related to skills empowerment in Vet.

Databank for VET students/VET staff

VET3D Databank for latest trend and information on Vet sector
Databank with digital resources on the current trends in the labor market, in order to provide information to the visitors of the platform, aiming to enrich their knowledge and understanding about what the labor trends are and make their choices on re-skilling and upskilling their capacity through formal and non-formal education.

Based Games Serious games for VET students/VET staff

Digital skill empowerment game for intercultural, digital, entrepreneurial skills empowerment Quiz game.
Questions to support learning about skills’ empowerment from typical and triky situations that a VET student can face in non formal, work based and job settings when our 3 soft-skills need to be applied (scores and 3 levels: when the student answer correctly to a certain number of questions gain enough scores from the first level in non formal setting and can go to the next level in internship and then pass to the or survey module quiz with questions from role play simulation in job setting).

Digital Skill Empowerment Game Level 1
Latviešu valoda
Digital Skill Empowerment Game Level 2
Latviešu valoda
Digital Skill Empowerment Game Level 3
Latviešu valoda

Podcast for VET students/VET staff

Video-podcast on entrepreneurial skills empowerment
A bite-size podcast that highlights common problems where soft skills are needed

Teaching / training materials for VET staff

E-book – Soft skills assessment and integration into the VET curriculum.
E book: 20 pages, part 1= what are soft skills and how to assess them ; part 2= how to integrate soft skills into VET curricula 20 pag what are soft skills how to evaluate part 2 how to integrate soft skills in vet curricula with praxctical example (theory & practice). Main target group – teachers and/or career advisors working with VET students to promote post diploma employ-ability ready and translated.

AURIVE’ E-book pdfs addition
E book – Toolkit Serious games/Simulation games 4 entrepreneurial – digital & intercultural skills empowerment
The toolkit is aimed to provide Vet students, newly graduates, trainers, soft skills empowerment programs’ managers and stakeholders with a set of updated educational resources, to further enhance the potential of games as a tool for greater inclusion and employability of both students and graduates.

VET3D Set of existing educational resources for soft skills empowerment (digital, intercultural, entrepreneurial)

Digital Skills

Intercultural Skills

Entrepreneurial skills

Choose the language & download your soft-skills’ self-certification, filling in the information about the empowerment program you joined

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