Opportunity published on 01/01/2024, ends on 31/01/2024


Vedogiovane – Eurodesk Verbania CONTACT: bellomo@vedogiovane.it


Verbania - Italy

Opportunity type

Non-formal education


Intercultural advanced



Opportunity description

This training aims to young people with the essential intercultural skills, knowledge and competencies required in international settings (e.g multinational companies).
The training is focused on the connection between culture diversity and communication style and approaches. The expected impact is the empowerment of intercultural communication skills, with special regard to the capacity overcome communication barriers connected to cultural diversity. The training will include a wide set of workshops, group works, and discussions aimed to empower intercultural skills. The training course is conceived as a personal and professional development programme, designed to offer chances toward a better balance of technical and soft skills of newly graduated from Vet schools.The training will take place in Verbania (VCO), Italy.
The project will take place in Novara, Italy. 3 turns available : summer camp – spring camp – winter camp.

Contact person: +393483649459

Opportunity conditions

free accomodation and foot, travel cost refunded till 225.

Opportunity requirements

basic level of english language (spoken english).

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