Secondary Gastronomy School of Adolph Kolping CONTACT:


Zdar nad Sazavou - Czech Republic

Opportunity type

Formal education, Non-formal education


Digital intermediate, Entrepreneurial intermediate, Intercultural intermediate


Long-term (over 6 months)

Opportunity description

Grauate´s profile:
The graduate can be employed as a chef in all kinds and types of catering establishments in the field of catering services, especially as an employee in large, medium and small operations. After the necessary training, he/she is also prepared for entrepreneurial activity in the catering and hospitality industry.
The graduate will find employment in the food sector, particularly in confectionery or sugar confectionery production. He or she may be employed in small and medium-sized confectionery factories, hotel confectioners and commercial establishments selling confectionery and sugar confectionery products. After the necessary training, he or she is also prepared for entrepreneurial activity.

Opportunity conditions

The material conditions of the school are in line with the fulfilment of the school curriculum outcomes.

Opportunity requirements

Future students of the school should have the preconditions for studying gastronomy with the main focus on practical training. Motivation of pupils to study is also an important aspect. The school pays above-standard attention to these pupils and strives for their professional advancement.

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